Quality and reliability of freight services

Within the development of freight services and new guidelines in logistics, we are considered among the most dynamic companies. Beside dynamism, quality and constant tracking of new trends are mostly use to describe our company and we we want to demonstrate that with the development of our new website. We are proud to present it to you! Here we will introduce ourselves, our business, history and vision. Trough this website you will be constantly informed about updates in the logistics strategy and legislation related to transportation.

The main reason for this new website is faster, easier and more user friendly navigation to all necessary information. A new, modern logo is only one of the indicators of the new guidelines in our company, oriented into the future of global business.

We believe it is important that our respective clients have all the information abut our work easily accessible. We offer ‘up to date’ information and news, with which we share our knowledge and experience with you. We are introducing new technologies and approaches from the world of logistics. By browsing our webpage and other social networks you will be able to get a better perspective about who we are and how can we improve your business by providing the best possible advice and information. Our costumers are our priority and we will make sure, to always keep their best interest at heart.

We have prepared this new website as a team, equipped it with useful information that you can use for improving operations in your business, and as a team we welcome your input. Every suggestion or criticism will be used to enrich the content and improve the quality of the information.

Fun fact about London: Did you know that there are 11 football stadiums? Few succeed to Few succeed to visit them all in a day and we have just done so! Upon clients request, we delivered corner flags to all of them in one day.

The world is our backyard – therefore regardless of its location, we can take responsibility for your cargo as soon as tomorrow!

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