Russia – logistic destination of the future

We transport lots of cargo in Eastern Europe and the Balkan region. Most popular are Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and lately more and more Russia. Our truck had just returned from Moscow and here are a few interesting facts:

Moscow is Europe’s largest city, with more than 10 million people and the fourth largest city in the world.

The Moscow Kremlin is located in the center of the capital. Since 1991, Moscow Kremlin has been the official
residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The complex of Moscow Kremlin was ranked in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

In addition, Moscow and the whole Russia pride itself with the longest European river Volga and the highest building – Ostankino television tower. Standing 540.1 meters tall, Ostankino was designed by Nikolai Nikitin. Globally, the Ostankino Tower is the second highest structure on the planet.

There are more than 140 million people in Russia and although it is 118-times bigger than Bangladesh it has fewer

Moscow metro carries over 9 million passengers per day, that is more than New York and Tokyo metro combined. This is the reason that Moscow metro is described as the largest one in the world. It’s length trough all 12 lines in over 300 kilometers. There are also rumors of a thirteenth line, built as a link between Kremlin and other political institutions and supposedly it includes bunkers in case of emergencies. Unfortunately the existence of this line is not verified.

Due to the high development potential and capital, we consider Russia as a logistics destination of the future. Because of the embargo on food imports from the EU, the need for transport services in Russia is currently slightly reduced. We are confident that when current conflict is solved (expected in early 2015) and embargo lifted transports to Russia will increase rapidly.

Location: Located at 55°45’ N, 37°38′ E, Moscow has a population of 12,382,754 and the average annual temperature 5.5°C, distance from Maribor: 2,180 km.
Path:It would take 36 days to walk all the streets. Total length is impressive 4350 km.
Fuel: A big hit in Russia is the discovery of their scientists, which prolongs the effects of alcohol.
Food: Russia is the biggest consumer of potatoes in the world. Most of it is eaten in Moscow.
Navigation: Before the journey to Russia you will do well to wash you vehicle and check the weather forecast. Driving with a dirty car is punishable by law.

And finally: “до свидания” (do svidaniya).

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